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We are regularly requested by using our readers to provide an explanation for what is the distinction between a area title and internet hosting?

Many novices don’t comprehend that these are two separate things.

In this beginner’s guide, we will give an explanation for the distinction between a area title and net hosting.

Difference between area title and internet hosting

What is a Domain Name?

  • Domain title is the tackle of your internet site that human beings kind in the browser’s URL bar to go to your website.
  • In different words, if your internet site was once a house, then your area title will be its address.
  • Now let’s get into the exact explanation.
  • Internet is essentially a massive community of computer systems linked to every different via cables. To without difficulty become aware of them, every laptop is assigned a collection of numbers known as IP Address.
  • This IP tackle is a mixture of numbers separated with dots. Typically, IP addresses seem like this:
  • Computers have no trouble figuring out and remembering these numbers. However, it is not possible for people to be aware and use these numbers to join to web sites on the internet.

To resolve this problem, area names have been invented.

  • A area identify can have phrases which makes it convenient to be mindful internet site addresses.
  • Now if you desired to go to a internet site on the internet, you don’t want to kind a string of numbers. Instead, you can kind in an effortless to understand area name, for example,
  • To study greater about area names, take a seem at our beginner’s information on area names and how do they work.

What is Web Hosting?

  • Web web hosting is the vicinity the place all the archives of your internet site live. It is like the domestic of your internet site the place it truely lives.
  • A appropriate way to suppose about this is if the area identify used to be the tackle of your house, then internet web hosting is the real residence that tackle factors to. All web sites on the internet, want internet hosting.
  • When anyone enters your area title in a browser, the area title is translated into the IP tackle of your net internet hosting company’s computer. This pc incorporates your website’s files, and it sends these documents returned to the users’ browsers.
  • Web internet hosting agencies specialize in storing and serving websites. They provide unique sorts of internet hosting plans to their customers. See our article on WordPress internet hosting to study extra about deciding on the proper web hosting for your website.

How Domain Names and Web Hosting are Related?

  • Domain names and internet web hosting are two specific services. However, they work collectively to make web sites possible. 
  • Basically a area identify machine is like a large tackle e book that is continuously updated. Behind every area name, there is an tackle of the net internet hosting carrier storing the website’s files.
  • Without area names, it will no longer be viable for humans to locate your internet site and except net web hosting you can't construct a website.
  • This is why many pinnacle area identify registrars additionally provide internet internet hosting services.

What do I want to Build a Website? Domain Name or Web Hosting

  • To construct a internet site you will want each a area identify and net internet hosting account.
  • Buying a area title by myself solely offers you proper to use that precise area title for a precise duration (usually 1 year).
  • You want internet internet hosting to shop your website’s files. After you get hosting, you want to replace your area title settings and factor it to your net internet hosting provider provider.
  • You can additionally purchase each the area and web hosting from the identical company. Typically a area title prices $14.99 / year, and net internet hosting typically prices $7.99 / month.
  • If you are beginning your first website, then this may also sound like a lot.
  • Thankfully, Bluehost, an legit WordPress encouraged internet hosting provider, has agreed to provide our customers a free area identify and over 60% off on net hosting.
  • Once you have bought web hosting and registered your area name, you can begin constructing your website. For entire step by way of step instructions, see our information on how to make a website.

Do I have to purchase them together? Or can I purchase them separately?

  • You can purchase area identify and internet internet hosting from two one of a kind companies. However, in that case you will have to factor your area title to your internet web hosting enterprise by using modifying its DNS settings.
  • On the different hand, if you purchase your area identify and net internet hosting from the equal company, then you will no longer have to trade area title settings.
  • It is also plenty less complicated to control and renew each offerings underneath the identical dashboard.
  • If you favor to purchase area names separately, then you can do so from pinnacle companies like:, Network Solutions, Godaddy, or NameCheap.

Can I Move My Domain Name to a Different Company?

  • Moving area name
  • Yes, you can. Normally when you register the area name, you personal the proper to use it and switch it somewhere you want.
  • For example, let’s say you bought your area identify from and sold your web hosting from Bluehost. Now you prefer to go your area title to Bluehost, so that it is less difficult to control and renew. 
  • You can effortlessly do that. Both corporations have exact step by using step directions that you can observe to switch your area name.
  • Note: We advocate you to wait at least forty five days after the registration or renewal to provoke the transfer. ICANN, the global business enterprise that oversees area names, requires one 12 months renewal every time a switch is initiated. By transferring your area title earlier than that length you should lose that year’s renewal fee.

Can I Move My Website to Another Web Hosting Company Without Changing Domain?

  • Yes, you can do that as well. You very own the area identify and can exchange its settings to factor it to any net web hosting company.
  • For example, you bought your area title and internet hosting from Godaddy, and now you choose to go your internet web hosting to Bluehost. You can cross your web site from one host to every other by way of virtually transferring archives and data. After that you want to edit your area identify settings and factor them to your new net internet hosting provider.
  • Another example, you bought your area title from (See our information on the distinction between vs Later you favor to pass to self hosted website.
  • First, you will want to signal up for a WordPress web hosting account. After that you can go your web site from to Lastly, you will simply edit your area identify settings on and factor them to your new WordPress web hosting provider.
  • We hope this article helped you study the distinction between a area identify and internet hosting. You may also additionally favor to see our evaluation of famous internet site builders for novices with professionals and cons.