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What is hosting?

Upon completion of creating the website, it must be placed in a special hosting that provides it with the necessary space in one of the private servers. The hosting is a domain reservation in one of the internet servers by purchasing a paid hosting.

Hosting plays an important role in how the website appears and has an important role in ranking the site with search engines

And companies that provide you with good hosting make the site appear as required and provide it with security and protection and maintain a base

Its data contributes to raising the site's ranking in search engines.

Hosting features and components:


1- The space allocated for hosting:

  • It is the space that is reserved for the website (according to the size of the site's content) within a server of a company
  • Hosting, and the space is calculated in gigabytes, and hosting companies provide unlimited spaces that allocate spaces
  • And special packages for each website.

2- The size of the transferred data in the hosting (Bandwidth):

  • It is the amount of data transferred within the site and is similar to the Internet packages that are subscribed to when you consume the allocated amount
  • For you, the subscription is separated and the amount of data transmission in the hosting is calculated according to the number of visitors to the site, when you purchase
  • For hosting, it is preferable that the amount of data transfer is very fast.

3- Technical and technical support:

  • The hosting company must provide you with the technical and technical support that the site needs, to solve all the problems that you may encounter
  • Support varies between companies, there are companies that provide support via e-mail and companies that provide support via chat
  • It is preferable to choose a hosting that provides technical and technical support in different ways and means to ensure the speed of response, as you can choose
  • The company that provides you with technical support in your preferred language, such as Arabic for example.

4- The hosting control panel:

There are many control panels available in hosts such as “cPanel” “plesk” and many other control panels, they help you to

Manage data and files properly, and there are some programmers who manage the hosting through command lines without resorting to

For a control panel, but it is best for you to always ask about the control panel that the hosting company will provide for you.

5- The database in the hosting:

  • We use the database to store information and data inside the server for reference when needed
  • Automatic, even if the computer is turned off, and the database preserves the information without malfunctions, and it remains permanently and in a manner.
  • As for hosting Quality, it provides you with a variety of means of communication with technical and technical support, and it also provides you with various packages
  • of spaces, so that you can request the space your site needs, with powerful and fast servers that support browsing speed
  • Your website, site loading speed, and great speed in the transmission of information and data, to ensure you the best experience
  • For the user, especially with full support for site protection through free SSL certificates, Cloud Flyer services, and more.