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7 Information about Joel Rich, Johnny Depp's new girlfriend... amongst Britain's richest lawyers

7 Information about Joel Rich, Johnny Depp's new girlfriend... amongst Britain's richest lawyers

The Daily Mail website printed that the celebrity Johnny Depp used to be linked to a new love story with a rich lawyer in London, who had in the past defended him throughout defamation cases in opposition to The Sun newspaper, claiming defamation against her, but she in the end lost her in 2020, but she did not lose Depp's heart, in accordance to the report, which proven that All eyes had been on his ultra-modern lawyer, Vasquez, who used to be able to win Depp's modern day case at Heard's expense, in what many saw as a return to his dignity.

With the clear harmony between Vasquez and Johnny Depp, many believed that the be counted had reached the factor of linking, however Vasquez denied, and confirmed reviews that she was linked to every other person, and currently the Daily Mail confirmed this with its confirmation of Johnny Depp's affiliation with any other lawyer, Joel Rich, who is 37 years old.

As soon as Joel Rich's name used to be announced, many humans questioned about her, as we monitor in the following report, in which we assessment a number of statistics about her.

Joel Rich lives in London, and is one of the most well-known and wealthiest lawyers in the United Kingdom, in accordance to worldwide reports

She is 37 years old, which means she is 22 years younger than the Hollywood star, given that he is 59 years old.

Joel Rich works for a well-known law firm, the identical association that works for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Johnny Depp is without a doubt no longer the first love story in her life, as she had until now had romantic relationships, most fantastically from the father of her two children, Jonathan Rich, who bore him two children.

The establishing of her relationship with Johnny Depp came thru her law firm, as he assigned her to defend Johnny in front of The Sun newspaper, after the ultimate journal posted an article with the aid of Lamber Heard, in which she made famous Johnny Depp at the time, accusing him of home violence against her and beating her.

For two years considering that that time until now, the duo saved their romance secret and tried to hold it secret.

She recently supported him in the defamation trial towards his ex-wife Amber Heard in Virginia in April of this 12 months but no one had sensed an affair between them before the Daily Mail confirmed.