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Prominent Wellington legal professional 'lied' to lever cash from susceptible client

رفع محام بارز في مجال حماية المحتالين في ويلينجتون دعوى قضائية ضده بسبب سوء سلوك خبير بعد إرسال فاتورة إلى أحد العملاء مقابل تقرير يفيد بأن المحكمة كانت ستصدر أمره مجانًا.

في حكمها الجديد تمامًا ، ذكرت المحكمة التأديبية المهنية للمحامين أن التحقيق مع كريستوفر تينيت نشر عرضًا احتيالًا في مكتبه.

قال تينيت جزئيًا خلال جلسة استماع للمحكمة التأديبية للمحامين وشركات النقل في سبتمبر / أيلول إنه يعتقد أن مكتبه أخطأ في تقدير قيمة مدفوعات موارد الجناية. وذكرت قاعة المحكمة أنه وافق على أن المحكمة يجب أن "تمارس بعض الشك" حول شهادة خطية من "مديره الرئيسي ، السيد هانتر".

“We are doing this however have come to no conclusion about the irregularities that appear to have been by the way disclosed. Any individual or people who would possibly be ambiguous due to suspected fraud, and what the criteria for such fraud may be, are now not something we can determine, nor We would do that.

He also noted that Tennet said he would "flirt" for the $200 in charges owed.

Tenet may have intended the verb 'hustle' in the sense of 'push' or 'push' but the on hand connotations lengthen to 'stamped [a person] as a skill of robbery' or 'to deceive, racket, a means of deception or fraud. As the narration continues, all of these meanings can be applied.

The case towards Tennet dates lower back to 2017 when he used to be appearing on behalf of a recognised criminal associate who was additionally a Tennet customer.

The woman, whose title has been withheld, did not testify in court, however primarily based on Tenet's evidence, the courtroom described her as "weak."

She found that the girl whom Tenet knew was once a lie had been billed in an attempt to make cash from her knowing, only days before, that the man she was counting on to pay prison costs had badly assaulted her.

The bill was said to be for a drug and alcohol file alternatively than a free one via the court.

In the end, Tenet did no longer signify the lady in sentencing. He said the assault precipitated a struggle of hobby and formally asked to withdraw from her case.

The courtroom said Tenet had admitted it was once unsatisfactory behavior as the purchaser was once billed $3,450 for the report, when the proper fee used to be $1,200. The court discovered that the most serious criterion of "misconduct" had been substantiated and said it used to be unacceptable and dishonest.

She delivered that he was once attempting to enhance his personal financial interests with "blatant dismiss for his client's circumstances".

Since he's no longer the woman's attorney, Tenet said, he mustn't keep non-public statistics about her. But the courtroom stated that at that time the court docket had no longer yet allowed him to withdraw.

The court also determined him responsible of misconduct due to the manner in which he dealt with the report. He did now not tell his client, his new client's attorney, or the courtroom that the record was complete. The woman's sentencing listening to was once adjourned to prepare some other report. The court stated he deprived her of high quality use of her property.

The court arranged for a record to be written free of charge, and it used to be the report's author who complained to Tennet when the patron instructed him he was once being paid $3,000 for one.

The court docket noted that what used to be at stake for Tenet was "dangerous". He faces a criminal hearing at an unspecified date.