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What is Web Hosting and what is the difference between its types?

What is the which means of internet hosting and when do you want it?

  • Hosting (or as some name it net hosting, or the Hosting or the Web Host, you name it, it is the same thing), the word confusing for many of us, and we are right here to give an explanation for the whole thing related to it, its meaning, types, what type suits you, and what The distinction between the companies supplying hosting? And the most important thing, of course, is the price!
  • In order to understand the meaning of net hosting, let's speak a little bit how sites work, and how they join to the Internet, earlier than that, to emphasize the basis of the work of the Internet that we realized in school, which is (a team of networks linked to every different throughout the world), that is, any internet site need to be connected the Internet so that the world can get entry to it.
  • Excellent, so the place is this location? There ought to be a region that “hosts” the site’s archives and content, so that human beings can access it, and this area should be related to the Internet permanently, secured from hacking operations, the velocity it reaches is excessive and it bears high records switch rate, and many different advantages.

This is the place you will region your website on your hosting.

From here, the web hosting organizations arose, which provides you this place, in order for you to put your web site documents on it, the internet site (any web site in the world) works in this way, but the distinction between a web site that has 100 traffic per month, and a web site that has a million traffic is the specifications of this server (the area ) who hosts the site, financial web hosting is now not a full server reserved, usually it is section of a virtual server placed on the Internet, that is, there is no tangible server web hosting the site,

Let us dwell on the complications here, as this subject was once explained in another article about the sorts of servers and hosting, however what is really worth mentioning here, for example, is that international sites are no longer on a virtual server, nor a real server, there are websites such as Google and Facebook that are positioned on the “farm” of server farms It ought to be one of the biggest data core you've got ever seen, succesful of managing tens of millions of requests in one second.

The following video takes you on a tour of Google's information center (server farm)

What is the distinction between hosting and domain (domain name)?

  • You may be wondering now: What is the connection between a area identify and hosting?
  • We noted in our article about domains that it is viable to purchase a area from one company, web hosting from another company, or the area to be from the same employer due to the fact you will in the main get the domain for free when you buy web hosting from the equal company, we will discuss right here certainly about how the domain gadget works in The world, let's apprehend how your domain is linked to your site and what is the proper distinction between area and hosting.
  • When you enter the address of any web page on the Internet page, the manner of changing the website online identify to IP, and the system accountable for converting web sites from names to IPs is known as DNS, which is an abbreviation for Domain Name System, and this machine is in the form of a pyramid, we will not enlarge the explanation here, But what things to us is that when our web site (our area name) is inquired, the request will be directed to a server referred to as Name server managed with the aid of the hosting company, and this server will reply to the request that the requested area is on the IP as well.

Not clear enough? Let's follow it to the site you're reading from proper now.

  • When you kind the name of the website on your browser, the DNS server will talk with the top of the pyramid here, which are international servers that ahead these requests to the responsible servers, one of the foremost DNS servers in the world will reply to your request that the domain you requested is managed by the server located at the following DNS server address:
  • Then your DNS server will ask this server for the area, the place is it located? This server is certainly managed with the aid of the hosting corporation that hosts this site, FastComet, the server will reply to your DNS server with the tackle of the web hosting server that this domain points to! Kind of complicated, isn't it? This procedure occurs inside milliseconds, with the aid of the way.
  • In the tournament that the domain and web hosting are from the identical company, the settings for domain redirection will be ready, however when the internet hosting is from another domain, the web hosting organization will provide you the names of its Name Servers to link to your domain name, when your domain is queried, the Name Server will be The internet hosting company is acknowledged to the corporation from which you purchased your domain, and it will direct the request to your web page based totally on this records that came from the web hosting company.