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Johnny Depp Dating Lawyer Who Represented Him In Defamation Trial

 Johnny Depp Dating Lawyer Who Represented Him In Defamation Trial

The pair found love on the high seas of litigation.

We be aware of what you are thinking, and we will come proper out and say it: No, no longer that lawyer and no, now not that defamation trial.

The legal professional you're possibly thinking of is Camille Vasquez of Brown Rudnick, who represented Depp in court docket in Virginia. During his weeks-long defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, the press went wild with hypothesis that the famed actor was relationship Vasquez. The Biglaw partner did not, in fact, win Depp's heart — nor was she making an attempt to do so, and she went so a long way as to name the rumors of a lawyerly romance “sexist” — however she did assist win his case, and was once rewarded with partnership for it.

The attorney who Depp is simply dating is Joelle Rich, the Schillings companion who represented the big name for the duration of his defamation case in the UK against The Sun. Depp may also have misplaced in that trial but it appears like he observed love alongside the way. According to Us Magazine, insiders say of Depp and Rich that “[t]heir chemistry is off the charts.” Here are some additional details:

[Rich] was no longer section of the legal crew who represented him in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard until now this year. She was, however, current in the Virginia court to show her "support" for the Oscar nominee.

“There was no professional responsibility for her being there. It was once personal,” the source tells Us, including that the duo “discreetly” met up in inns for the duration of the early tiers of their romance.

The insider notes that Rich used to be married when she met Depp, however is now divorcing her husband. She and her estranged spouse share two children.

“It's serious between them. They are the real deal,” the source continued.

Yo ho, yo ho, will it be a pirate lifestyles for this attorney? Depp has realized that it is usually a properly thought to have a attorney close on hand, so we think about that this is one attorney/client relationship that will go the distance.